The American Society for Automation in Pharmacy

ASAP's mission is to foster understanding of the role that technology plays in assisting pharmacists to promote patient safety and the proper use of medications, comply with laws and regulations, and operate their practices more efficiently by providing a forum for sharing diverse knowledge and perspectives on the modern practice of pharmacy.






January 13-15

The Don CeSar

St. Pete Beach, Fla.





  • US Pharmaceutical Market: Trends, Issues and Outlook

  • Mapping The ASAP PDMP IG To FHIR

  • State Legislative Update

  • What’s Behind the Lack of Success for Pharmacists Clinical Services?

  • Current And Future Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs And How They Benefit Independent Pharmacy


  • SCRIPT 2017071: Nifty New Features for a New Decade

  • Innovation Without Provider Status

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Version 4.2B addresses changes needed by PDMPs to improve the quality and scope of the data reported.

In order to provide ample time for the system vendors and chains to make the necessary software changes, Version 4.2B is not scheduled for implementation prior to December 2023.

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This latest version of the ASAP PDMP IG includes several refinements to 4.2 to improve the data collected by prescription-monitoring programs, including changes to the PHA, DSP, and PRE segments. Stakeholders taking part in the updating process included a number of states with operational prescription-monitoring programs, national drug chains and independents, and pharmacy system vendors. ASAP standards are used by every state with a prescription-monitoring program, and states ready to implement a PDMP will be using the ASAP standard. Also included is the versions of both the ASAP Error Reports and Zero Reports standards updated to reflect this latest PDMP IG. Both of which are also available for purchase separately. The combined 65-page PDF includes sample transactions to aid software developers.


Download The Press Release Here

Implementation Guide ASAP 4.2 Reporting Standard for Prescription-Monitoring Programs NIEM XML Version

The ASAP PMP 4.2 Reporting Standard has been updated to use the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). The NIEM data model provides a standards-based, extensible framework for the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) information exchange. As noted on the website, “NIEM provides a standard way of defining the contents of messages being exchanged — it’s about the data and how it’s structured. NIEM is not a system or database; nor does it specify how to transmit or store data. NIEM is a data layer.

The ASAP NIEM XML standard represents the same data elements and high-level transmission report structure as defined by the segments outlined in the core text-based EDI 4.2 implementation guide. The ASAP NIEM XML implementation guide defines a transmission report of controlled substances dispensed and a transmission acknowledgement.

The advantage of NIEM is that it allows common definitions for information exchange content. Common definitions allow for easier, more consistent implementation, particularly with government communities that are adopting NIEM. NIEM is currently the basis for the exchange of data among state prescription-monitoring programs. Moreover, the department of Health and Human Services is adopting NIEM. 坚果加速器吧

ASAP Releases Updated Tech Value Analysis

The American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) first undertook a cost-benefit analysis in 2009 to show the cost that pharmacies incur in the use of technology and how it serves to improve patient safety, patient adherence, and serves to reduce fraud and abuse. We believe that the investment in technology used to deliver needed medications to millions of Americans each and every day is simply overlooked or taken for granted by state and federal governments, third-party payers, and others. This document is an update of the analysis published in 2009. As part of the update we decided to also include an analysis of the technology used in closed-door pharmacies servicing long-term care facilities.


ASAP Announces New Standard for Connectivity to Prescription Monitoring Programs

The new Implementation Guide for the ASAP Prescription Monitoring Program Web Service Standard from the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) is designed to facilitate bidirectional connections between pharmacies, prescribers, and prescription monitoring programs (PMPs). The standard uses a Web service to activate queries directly from a pharmacy management or EHR system. This avoids having to step out of the workflow to check on a person of interest. The standard also eliminates the need for a prescription monitoring program to send out alerts via email, fax, or regular mail. This is accomplished through an automated poll of the PMP on a daily basis directly from the pharmacy management or EHR system to see if there is anyone who has reached the state’s threshold for an alert. Purchase the Standard - 电脑版vpn_pc爬墙软件:电脑版vpn_pc爬墙软件 免费连接外国网络软件 蓝色灯 mac surf 梯子 免费v2-vay 如何做佛跳墙 fq软免 飞极速 求翻软件 旋风 v p n安卓版 苹果翻墙需要下载什么浏览器 green极光版手机版 91po2021最新软件免费 章鱼 v p n 小白兔vpn 蚂蚁vp n biubiu加速器可伍上推特吗 小火箭安装包ios 天行vp n 有台湾节点的加速器 ...

A revised version of the ASAP PSE-Tracking IG is now available and includes several refinements and updates to the the last version.  Purchase the Standard

2010 ASAP Prescription Monitoring Program Standards Versions 1.0 for PMP Zero Reports and Error Reports

The ASAP Zero Reports standard requires only three fields to be populated to tell a prescription-monitoring program that no controlled substances were dispensed. The standard was also designed to address those states that use a two-pass editing process when files are received. In such a case the first pass determines if all required information has been transmitted. The second pass would see that it is a Zero Report, since only the first name field, last name field, and date filled field would be populated with the information defined in the standard.

Having a standard way of reporting that no controlled substances were dispensed simplifies the process for system vendors and chains that mustaddress the reporting requirements of multiple states. ASAP encourages all state PMPs to adopt the Zero Report standard for this reason.

The ASAP Error Reports standard is designed to eliminate the need for retail chains and pharmacy system vendors to support different formats and content of error reports received from prescription monitoring programs. The standard includes a minimum data set to identify the records that have errors or missing information in the batch files submitted. The standard should improve compliance in correcting and resending the records in question. Also included is a standard format for the summary reports pharmacies receive. Purchase the Standard

2011 ASAP Prescription Monitoring Program Standard Version 4.2

This latest version of the ASAP PMP IG is now available. 4.2 includes several refinements to 4.1 to improve the data collected by prescription-monitoring programs. Stakeholders taking part in the updating process included a number of states with operational prescription-monitoring programs, national drug chains and independents, and pharmacy system vendors. ASAP standards are used by every state with a prescription-monitoring program, and states ready to implement a PMP will be using the ASAP standard. Purchase the Standard


Following a four-month review of the 2007 version 4.0 standard, the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy has announced the release of version 4.1 of its prescription-monitoring standard. Stakeholders taking part in the updating process included a number of states with operational prescription-monitoring programs, national drug chains and independents, and pharmacy system vendors. The goal was to improve the quality of information reported to the states, while at the same time not increasing the complexity to report controlled substances dispensed. Also, preserving backward compatibility with version 4.0 that was published in 2007 was an overriding priority of the workgroup. Currently 33 states have prescription-monitoring programs, where the ASAP standard is used, with several more scheduled to implement such a program using the ASAP standard.

Prescription-monitoring programs are implemented to detect fraud, diversion of controlled substances, and potential abuse of these drugs. The latest release includes provision for capturing information from electronic prescriptions for tracking purposes, once e-prescribing is allowed for controlled substances. Purchase the Standard

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